Monday, 17 February 2014

Starting over

He found himself alone in an island, everything was green, from water to the woods save for the golden sand of the beach. He turned to the sea to see whether he can catch a glimpse of any other shore nearby or any ray of hope such as a ship passing by or else, hopless though his gaze went scanning every inch of  his area of sight. 
                                                                                                                                 Idriss El Mahdali 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Do you use your Android Phone to the lees?

Hello everyone! You may be wondering about this Hello at the outset of my article, but no wonder if I told you this is my first article here concerning the topic of smart phones. AS one among many Android users I experienced many features using this smart phone, some of them were good but many were not satisfying my own needs. Yet, in this Article I will state Help with some steps on how you start using an Android.
First of all, tell me what you are interested in I can tell you what to look for in Android Market applications. That is how Android phones are programmed. But before we go deep into matters I give you some steps to use your new Android phone:
Step 1: Switch on your phone and open your Wi-Fi internet.
Step two: Afterwards go to Menu, then look for The Gmail application and open your Gmail if you have one otherwise get registered for a new one. Android applications or most of them are working as long as your Gmail is on, otherwise you cannot use any at all save for some belonging to  Samsung apps.
Step 3: Go to The Market, I mean Android Market , and you will find applications for your phone organized according to their category ( e.i Communication, Education, Media, Tools, widgets and so on and so forth. There is another criterion for organizing Android applications, that is according to whether they are Top free or Top paid.
Step 4: Thus for now you can choose any application you desire according to your area of interest, if the application is free you will just go through the procedure of first downloading it then the system installs it automatically. In case, It is paid they ask you about the serial number of your Master card or your PayPal account to buy it then download to be installed.
Step 5: Let’s say you did not like an application after you tried it or simply you stopped using it and wanted to uninstall it, go to the menu, afterwards to setting, Go again to the application management, and click on any unwanted application then you can uninstall.
If you use a Samsung with an Android operating system, then you can look for applications in Samsung apps which is a default application in all Samsungs. Still, you will need to connect to either Facebook or Twitter Account. Then you will be allowed to Download and install.
Some of the problems that you will be encountering in using such a phone is that you will find the phone’s memory low to install all the application you will need. Another problem is rooting your phone or in other words upgrading your phone’s system into another, during the process you can lose a lot of features. Some will love to install their applications manually without any internet connection in their phones (offline install). There are a lot of drawbacks; still Android systems are open to any change. To solve the last problems that I have just mentioned read my next Article about overcoming your Android shortcomings. Now I will just list some of the applications that you may look for in an Android Market:
Reference: Go Book
Aldiko Reader
Social Networking:      Chatdroid and Nimbuz for Chat in general and Facebook chat
Games : Angry Birds    Talking Tom
In short there is a lot to talk about concerning Android systems, yet now I will let you configure your new Android and in the next Article I promise you I will unveil some new tricks.
Written By Idriss El Mahdali

Saturday, 19 May 2012

211 words short paragraph on teacher

A teacher often faces difficulties and problems in communicating ideas and lesson to pupils in the classroom and outside. Many times pupils to whom she communicate, her ideas do not comprehend them properly. Sometimes they miss the point. She uses generally spoken or written words to communicate the messages.
She frames a mental picture of the ideas to be communicated in advance and translates that mental picture into words. This translation may take place ineffectively, with the result that only a part of the mental picture is transmitted as words. '
The pupil who listens to the words of the teacher imagines a mental picture of the ideas communicated by those words. The words he hears may not convey to him the some meaning which the teacher had put into them.
As Dale points out, "when we read a book, we do not take meaning out of the printed page, but put meaning into the printed page.' Therefore, when the teacher communicates ideas with the help of words, there is variation between the ideas communicated and the ideas comprehended in each step. This problem can be solved if the teacher uses other media of communication also instead of relying only on words. The other media are known as the “instructional aids".

Friday, 18 May 2012

How to use a dictionary

The article I am reading today is titled " How to use a Dictionary". So, I decided while reading to write some notes to share what I have learnt: 
1. The English Language consists of approximately 1 Million words among which a native speaker knows only 60 000 ones
2. The use of dictionaries is a helpful tool to enrich one's skills in reading, and a fruitful way to improve one's level of English.
3. Purchase a good dictionary to use all the time, but if you already have one on your phone or laptop try to upgrade it on a weekly or monthly basis to have access to neologisms that is new words.
4. Keep a good dictionary near where you study, work, or read. 
5. Illustrated dictionaries are useful for somebody who is interested in learning a language. 
6. If you study in a narrow field of science you must check a special dictionary dedicated to the science you are interested in, as an example a biology dictionary, an ICT dictionary.
7. If you want a dictionary specific to the country that you want to learn their language, you can check these ones as an example: the Macquarie dictionary in Australia, Oxford dictionary in England, Webster's dictionary in the United States, etc. 8.Familiarize yourself with the dictionary, use the introductary section to see how the entries are arranged to get accustomed to the way the dictionary is organized. 
9. Enrich your items search through following this method: Look up the word's: . Definition . Pronounciation . Irregular endings . Antonyms and Synonyms . An etymology, derivation, or history of the word. Even if you don't know Latin or Ancient Greek, you may find that this information helps you to remember or understand the word. . Context . Plurals of nouns. . Idiom constructed with the word under scrutiny. .Spelling. . a dictionary can be another tool not used to look up a word only but also to be useful as a resource, you can find also in it: Standard letters for jobs, RSVPs, filing complaints, official writing, etc. Maps and geographical information. Statistics on population. Weights, volume and measurements. Lists of countries, cities, capitals, etc. Flags of countries, states, provinces, regions, etc. Lists of famous or historical people. Lists of facts. 
10.Online dictionaries are easy to use nowadays, have one on your browser to be handy. 
11. The last step in using a dictionary for fun, that is try to open the dictionary haphazardly and read the page to enlighten yourself about new words.

Written By Idriss El Mahdali

English Club

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